About RWV

Rural Water Ventures was founded by Bill McQueeney in March of 2002.

We are a tax exempt, nonprofit corporation.

Our mission, which we have pursued since 2003, is to save lives and to reduce the incidence of serious disease in rural communities in Nicaragua through funding projects that bring abundant quantities of safe water to each home via locally sustainable gravity flow pipeline systems. These projects also provide funds for constructing latrines for hygienic sanitation.

There are now over 7,000 people, over half of them children, with safe water and hygienic sanitation at their homes. For the vast majority this outcome is beyond their wildest dreams. Their lives have been transformed forever.

And yet, the need for access to safe water and hygienic sanitation in rural communities in Nicaragua remains enormous. There are hundreds of rural communities where the life and health of the population, especially the children, is continually threatened by lack of access to safe water. So we shall carry on and your contributions will be put to very good use.

We are hopeful that what has been accomplished to date is but preparation for what we will do, together, going forward.