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Do all of my donation dollars really go toward funding a project?

Yes, 100% of funds received for projects are invested in a project. Typically the contributor learns exactly in which project their contribution is invested. (FYI, the operating expenses of RWV are deferred by a separate group)

Why Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in this hemisphere. The need for safe water and hygienic sanitation is enormous in rural areas. Central Nicaragua, where we work, is among the most abandoned, deprived and destitute in the hemisphere. In spite of successes to date, there remain thousands of small villages without access to safe water and hygienic sanitation.

How long have you been working in Nicaragua?

The first project that we funded was in 2003. 2015 is our 13th year and our two projects this year will be our 23rd & 24th. We have helped over 4000 people including 2500 children to transform their lives.

Why we do what we do?

People without access to safe water live in continuing epidemics. The seasons change, the germs change from season to seasons but all of them are equally deadly. Children, especially, die regularly, quickly and often horribly.

Does this villager based model really work?

Our model is a very special one and has worked very well. It requires that the villagers provide all the labor necessary to construct and install their gravity flow, pipeline based system without any monetary compensation. This is their sweat equity, literally & figuratively. Our Nicaraguan partners, Agua Para La Vida, provide the project design, project management and other important support and lead the villagers to construct their water system and robust latrines. With this model the villagers take ownership of their system and preserve & maintain it year after year. Every system constructed since 1988 continues to function satisfactorily.